Hope You Like Hills! All the Best Places to Run, Bike, and Walk in Roxborough & Manayunk

By Jon Miller, Realtor®

Philadelphia makes it easy to live an active lifestyle, whether your version of fitness is running, biking, or just walking along the river and enjoying the views. There’s the Delaware River Waterfront and the Schuylkill River Banks right in the city, but the best trails and paths for biking, running, hiking and walking in Philly are right here in the Roxborough Manayunk area.

The houses are beautiful distractions to marvel at while exercising, there are plenty of post-activity eats to enjoy, and there are a wide variety of paths and trails, whether your preference is packed gravel, paved path, or the dirt trails in the Wissahickon.

The good and/or bad news (depending on who you are): you’re likely going to have to make your way up a hill to get home from these trails, but there’s no better place to live an active lifestyle than Roxborough Manayunk, and the views from the top are always worth it!

Check out all the best running, biking, walking and hiking trails in Roxborough Manayunk, and get out there and explore!

Manayunk Bridge Trail: once a bridge for the Pennsylvania Railroad, it was reopened as a trail in 2015, offering incredible views of the Schuylkill River for runners, bikers, and walkers – no cars are allowed on the bridge, making the experience even better.

Cynwyd-Heritage Trail: connecting directly from the Manayunk Bridge Trail, this paved path is hilly, scenic, and perfect for a family bike ride, or just an escape from your neighborhood – it feels like you’re in another world surrounded by greenery when you’re here!

Schuylkill River Trail: starting in Center City and spanning all the way to Phoenixville, the best part of this trail starts in Manayunk, providing a wide path that’s very popular on the weekends. Stop at Riverbend Cycles or Conshohocken Brewery along the way, have a picnic in Valley Forge National Park, or just meander through the 70 miles of car-free trails.

Manayunk Towpath: running adjacent to the Manayunk Canal, this part-boardwalk, part-trail passageway along Main Street is great for a leisurely stroll after dinner, or as a connector from Fairmount Park to the Schuylkill River Trail.

Forbidden Drive: Pennsylvania named this iconic path the 2018 Trail of the Year, and for good reason. This dirt trail spans the entire length of the Wissahickon Valley Park, with multiple spots for parking, and passes numerous Wissahickon landmarks including the Valley Green Inn, Thomas Mill Covered Bridge, statues, and awesome views of the Wissahickon Creek.

Wissahickon Trails: the Wissahickon Valley Park is easily the best hub of activity in Philadelphia. At any hour of the day you’ll find couples walking their dog in the trails, mountain bikers pedaling through the woods, runners and running groups like Chasing Trail trekking along Forbidden Drive and up its hilly offshoots, and kids frolicking in the creek. The Wissahickon is often one of the top reasons people move out to the Roxborough Manayunk area.

Wissahickon Bike Path: accessible via the 100 Steps off Rochelle Ave. or right across the street from the Wissahickon Transportation Center, this paved trail is a great spot to bike, and connects to Forbidden Drive or Historic Rittenhousetown for longer explorations. If you’re into bouldering, there are a couple of great spots to set up a crash pad and climb, too!

Kelly Drive and MLK Drive: you may have heard the term “the Loop” from local runners, which refers to the 8-mile path along the Schuylkill River from the Falls Bridge down to the Art Museum and back. The paths along Kelly Drive and MLK Drive are easily accessible from Roxborough Manayunk and offer incredible views, and great training areas for covering long distances. Bonus: from April-October, the four lanes of traffic on MLK Drive are completely closed to cars, making it the perfect spot to explore every Saturday and Sunday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The accessibility to Philadelphia’s vast network of trails is unbeatable for residents of Roxborough and Manayunk, and while there are some hills, that’s just part of the fun. Share your adventures with us on Instagram by tagging us for a chance to be featured! 

Jon Miller, RealtorJon Miller is a Philadelphia Realtor with Compass Real Estate. Jon has been working with home buyers and sellers in Philadelphia and Montgomery County since 2010.