How to Get Your Home Organized Before Putting it on the Market


By Jon Miller, Realtor®

There’s nothing more daunting than not knowing where to start, especially when it comes to big house projects… right before you plan to put your home on the market. Tackling the long to-do list of cleaning the house, purging the items you don’t need, and organizing the ones that you do can seem unmanageable, especially on top of the whole selling your home thing but it doesn’t have to be. 

Take a deep breath (really, do it right now) and think about the end goal of selling your home. Then, grab a pen and paper (or use your phone) and start making a list of every task. The satisfaction that comes with crossing something off your list is like no other, and the more accomplished you feel, the more ready you’ll be to tackle the next item on the list. 

Be sure to start and finish one project at a time. Focus on one thing – don’t multitask. Organizing your home and getting it ready to sell will take time, so start off by dedicating just one hour a day to tackling your to-do list. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you make in just that small amount of time.

One more thing: don’t get overwhelmed by clutter. When you’re organizing, keep a “Goes Somewhere Else” box near the door. When you find things that belong in a different room, just put them in this box and address it after the important tasks are complete. Don’t get distracted. Focus on one task, room, hour at a time – you got this.

When you break out all the tasks by room, it’s a lot less daunting, and a lot more manageable. Below are a few additional resources for discarding, donating, and disposing of household items in the Philadelphia region:

Jon Miller, RealtorJon Miller is a Philadelphia Realtor with Compass Real Estate. Jon has been working with home buyers and sellers in Philadelphia and Montgomery County since 2010.