New & Improved Roxborough-Manayunk Facebook Page

By Jon Miller, Realtor®

Managing a good Facebook Page is a constant learning process and there’s always some second-guessing about whether or not a page is taking the best direction. In 2019, I started a Facebook Page focused solely on living in Roxborough & Manayunk as a resource and guide for residents and newcomers. It turned out to be a fairly successful and fun project but it was a little overwhelming to manage that page and others. So, I decided to incorporate that page into one of my other pages in the hopes of being able to manage everything in one spot.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with that move. It was too difficult to get the right information to the right people . . . those who live in, or want to live in, Roxborough & Manayunk. The other page was too broad. It was a mistake to delete the original page (a lesson learned the hard way).

As we start a new decade, I figure that the best thing to do is to start a new Roxborough & Manayunk Facebook Page from scratch and to make it better than the last one. The new page will include a weekly list of the best things to do in Roxborough & Manayunk, profiles and recommendations of local businesses, places to check out in the neighborhood, and more. As a resident who loves living here, I’m looking forward to sharing insights and info about the neighborhood and connecting with other residents and fans of Roxborough & Manayunk. Please take a minute to visit (and Like) the new & improved Roxborough-Manayunk Facebook Page.

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Jon Miller, RealtorJon Miller is a Philadelphia Realtor with Compass Real Estate. Jon has been working with home buyers and sellers in Philadelphia and Montgomery County since 2010.